Why UFC, Shooting and Action Sports?

By October 31, 2019March 24th, 2021No Comments

Many people ask how or why I have selected guests from the UFC, Shooting Sports, Fitness and other Action Sports. Long before I began The John Bartolo Show Podcast I have seen a cross between these different industries. Many of those that participate in these industries enjoy watching or participating in the same activities.

The UFC and self defense go hand in hand. Many of us that train in any mixed martial art featured on the UFC have at one time or another watched a UFC event. Those same UFC fighters take great pride in defending themselves and come from a background of hunting and sport shooting.

Fitness and Bodybuilding go hand in hand with all of these activities and help bridge between all the different worlds. The requirements of today’s athlete’s to be in good condition is without question. Bodybuilding or fitness athletes also share that same goal to be prepared. The discipline that ties all of these areas together is without question. The John Bartolo Show podcast seeks to bring these passions together. So when exploring these different passions of the modern defender it is important to encompass all aspects of a person concerned with personal defense.

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