Where is the NRA and NSSF?

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Recently we have experienced the largest wave of new gun owners in the history of the firearms business. We have not experienced ammo sales or gun sales like and I have quoted key executives assaying “the sales boom we are experiencing comes along once in a generation”. The question I have is where is NRA and NSSF? This is a tremendous opportunity for the NRA and NSSF to step up and lead not only the FFL owners but the newly minted gun owners. I have a few suggestions for them.
Dear NRA,
Please create a new gun owner task force. Work on offering more free online courses for many of these new gun owners to be either well on the way to conceal carry permits but also educate them on basic gun safety via videos and online tutorials. I am not sure why I am still getting emails with messages from the president when I could be seeing information regarding legitimate industry news. The foundation of the NRA was built on the membership. Why has not one thing during this epidemic come out that helps the membership further its knowledge as well as work to indoctrinating new members? You are always looking for new money, well you have no greater opportunity than now.
Dear NSSF,
The FFL’s are the life blood of what you do. Why do you not have an around the clock task force aiding FFL owners and business owners through this time? Why are you not helping pair them with qualified distributors that can help them navigate through this influx. I have had countless calls from FFL owners looking for ammo, assistance on where to place recent gross profits and desperately in need of resources to educate its new customer base.
To the precious FFL owners,
Why do we not have streaming networks educating your business that are the life blood of the defense community and the 2nd amendment. I am embarrassed today to say these organizations have let us down and could be doing a better job in our hour of need. The next time they pass the hat around remember this moment. Remember that you had to call me or another friend in the industry to get help. The minute you are no longer the person people pick up the phone to call you loose that person as a resource for time and money.
Questions to the NSSF and NRA
If not now then when?
If the number of background checks is at an all time high why is your marketing and proper marketing not at an all time high?
Why do your websites offer little to now practical resources for new gun owners?
I have faith in you to get it right but whoever is calling the shots in marketing and content needs to be on notice. This is reaching an embarrassing level. We are in a time of unprecedented sales. We should be seeing unprecedented updates, streams, live casts and online training to refer new gun owners. I am simply asking why?