Want to Start A Podcast

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Please Note I wrote this for people before they even take the podcast to hosting. This is geared toward the pre launch.

I have had several questions about why I started a podcast and I wanted to put together a brief description as to why. I was always a bit of a conversationalist and enjoyed hearing peoples stories and sharing stories. I wanted to explore I new space in media that I felt was beginning to expand and grow very fast. My real fascination was youtube and tracking data. I love to track data and crack the code through analyzing the data.

Podcasting isn’t for everyone. Obviously there is a lot more to it than buying good equipment, launching the podcast and monetization. You must first determine if “Podcasting” is for you. If you are not going to be consistent with anything then don’t do it. The same is true with podcasting.

My suggestions: When you begin just use your phone a simple voice notes recorder and some lapel mic’s that plug right into your phone. You can buy those as cheap as $5 up to $200. This will always make a great road kit. With that being said. Remember in the beginning you will not be perfect and you will probably not even be good. Just get started. Record practice with people and play around with topics. There are several things you might be passionate about but it may not work well in a podcast. You will also want to toy around with your format and what that format will look like. Do you want guests? Do you want to do more reviews? Do you want to talk about one particular topic? Or any?

I hope this makes sense but just get started. Let some friends listen to the voice notes recordings. Take feedback and keep recording. After you do 5-10 that way, you will have a great sample to edit and sort out your format. Once you determine a comfortable length, format and begin working on your name and logo you are set to launch.

My only final note for people just getting started is DO NOT SPEND MONEY. Work with what you have and start slow. After you are 15-20 episodes in then you can begin to consider some upgrades. I would start with a camera and broadcast on to youtube. Video gives you another platform and a chance at great content creation on top of what you are already doing.

I will expand on this topic more but I wanted to give folks insight into the process BEFORE you take it to itunes or Spotify for hosting.

I hope this helps.