UFC 245

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With UFC245 right around the corner I couldn’t be more excited. I have been fortunate to have 4 of these fighters featured on the podcast. Ben Saunders, Matt Brown, Jessica Eye and Colby Covington have all been featured on the podcast. It has been my honor to feature these competitors and chat with them at different points during their training. Being a UFC fighter isn’t easy and each of the fighters I interviewed have all been top contenders. I had an awesome time hanging out with each of these fighters and learning about what makes them tick.

Colby Covington “The Maga Fighter”

Colby Covington is one of the smartest fighters I have come across yet. Interviewing him and spending time with Colby showed me not just a great grappler and fighter but a marketing genius. In an insanely crowded welterweight division, Colby does an amazing job standing out. It doesn’t pay in today’s media climate to blend in and just walk the company line. Part of this is because of the fast moving pace of today’s media outs our attention deficit disorder society. Colby understands that and does an amazing job blending his #maga movement with keen fight selection an attention stealing social media posts. He blends Rick Flair and the step son of the Trump family so well.

I do predict Colby to win in the upcoming UFC245 mainly because I see a focus and awareness in him that will catapolt. He understands that to be the champ you need to beat the champ. This will motivate him to prepare and train for every scenario. In in our interview Colby showed me that he can run a mic, steal a moment and cut a promo. These are all vital but not overlooked skills in a number of sports entertainment promotions including the UFC.

Ben Saunders “The Modern Samurai”

Ben Saunders in a pleasure to interview and spend time with. Ben is one of those guys that you would love to sit around and shoot the shit with talking about fighters old and new. Ben has a quiet unassuming way about him, but touch on a topic he enjoys and he will offer you so much awesome insight into the fight game. I look forward to Ben and Matt’s fight at UFC245 mainly because of my relationship with both fighters. Ben and I train together at 10th planet in Las Vegas and share many close mutual friends. I think the two styles will make for an awesome clash of ferocity.

Ben is not one to push the extremes he trains, takes care of his body and takes a holistic approach to almost everything he does. Ben and I spent over 1 hour talking and about the history of the UFC the growth of the promotion and where he sees it going next. This was one of the better interviews if you really want to spend some time with a true modern Samurai and someone who has seen the UFC grow during its largest growth spurt.

Jessica Eye “Not so Evil”

Jessica Eye represents everything you would expect from a tough hard nosed fighter from Ohio. She is physical and takes a no nonsense approach to almost everything she does. One of the rising stars in the fight game Jessica has an amazing journey and shares a in great detail her upbringing in small town Ohio. Jessica shared with me so much about what made her the fighter she is today. She will have a tough opponent in the upstart Viviane Araujo. Jessica has already had a title shot against the almost unbeatable Valentina Shevchenko. Jessica will have to work her way back into the flyweight mix by putting together a string over victories that force the UFC to give her another shot at the title.

During our podcast on The John Bartolo Show Jessica Eye and I discussed a number of things in her past. She provided the listeners with tremendous insight commanding presence. Jessica has had a great road to Las Vegas leaving her gym and family in Ohio traveling with her brother Casey to go all in on a great fight career. I really hope to see Jessica Eye get back on track at UFC245 mainly because the UFC is a better place with her in the women’s title mix.

Matt Brown “The Immortal One”

Matt Brown and I have had the luxury of knowing one another for more than a few years now. We had the opportunity of meeting and having dinner together with mutual friends. Me being my usual self attempted to badger him into submission peppering him with questions. As The immortal one was close to probably pounding my face in I backed off when I found out his true passion was living in this great country and getting to live out his dream in the UFC. For someone that prides himself on being the most violant and intimidating person in the room Matt really is one of the best dudes and no doubt one you want to have your back and support anything you are doing. I look forward to seeing Matt Brown and Ben Saunders in UFC245. I know what this fight means to each fighter and what it can do for them. Where it can place them historically. Matt speaks about Ben with a certain amount of respect but also making sure to let me know that the respect stops with his first steps toward the cage in Las Vegas on Dec 13.

My interview with Matt hands down left me wanting more and wishing we had more time. We opted for dinner with some friends after to talk candidly. I don’t say this lightly but I have much respect for Matt Brown and how hard he is working to bring it all together on and off the mat. I look forward to this match between Ben and Matt at UFC245 and when the bell hits I will be rooting for both fighters to put on an amazing battle.