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Short summary: 

On today’s episode, John speaks with Congressman Lee Zeldin from New York about the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Zeldin himself is a member of the Congressional Coronavirus task force. John talks with Zeldin about press coverage and what the future might look like for New York.

Long summary: 

Zeldin speaks about how two counties in New York have more cases than any other state. The Congressman talks about it being a largely unifying experience for Americans. The bright side, Zeldin says, is that this is largely a learning experience. Part of what’s been revealed is that we don’t have the means domestically to produce the materials needed to combat something like this, and we can grow that looking ahead. Another conclusion is that people are going to come out of this era more hygienic than before.

Zeldin also discusses how the global scramble to develop treatment and a vaccination is pointing toward the beginning of the end. There is frustration around blaming the president endlessly for this while others are abandoning the party line to join the relief effort. There is also frustration surrounding the way the media has handled reporting on coronavirus task force press conferences.

Professionals in New York are attempting to make predictions about how soon they will be over the hump, but it’s much like “meteorology,” in the words of the congressman. He hopes that we will be more prepared for viruses than ever before, and that our economy will bounce back stronger than ever. John switches to the silent attack on the Second Amendment, which Zeldin suggests has been foreseeable for at least a decade. Law-abiding, trained carriers who want to travel are being targeted, and Zeldin wants to see that end through national reciprocity.


1:20 — What it looks like on the ground in New York.

3:15 — Most people are seeing this as Americans first.

7:20 — Are we staring at the beginning of the end?

10:00 — Problems with coverage of the press conferences.

14:15— How does New York get out of this?

16:45 — Are the attempts to stymie gun stores predictable?

19:00 — Conversations about national reciprocity need to resume.

Key quotes:

  • “One congressman spoke of the ‘atrophy in the muscles of partisanship,’ and that’s unfortunate.”
  • “What you don’t want to do is cut the corners so much that you fall on your face.”
  • “Before you’re giving millions of Americans a vaccine, [you want to be sure] it’s going to do what you want it to do.”
  • “It is a whole-of-government approach…there’s no party stripes there.”
  • “You have to make sure you’re protecting law-abiding citizens as you do it.”


Lee Zeldin is the Congressman for New York’s First Congressional District.

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