Short summary: 

John speaks with Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida about the Coronavirus and getting the country back to work. They also dig into how the Second Amendment is being assaulted around the country, at a time when people should be able to secure their own safety more than ever.

Long summary: 

Congressman Gaetz talks about both good and bad ideas that were advanced during the COVID-19 response bill. He also posits that the idea that this kind of living could become the “new normal” is not the answer. The two discuss how Americans have a right to firearms especially in times of crisis. Good on the Trump Administration for doing what they can to not inhibit that. Some of the people holding Federal Firearm Licences (FFLs) are regular people just trying to keep their businesses open. Congressman Gaetz suggests that most of the legislation the trade organizations want to see will not shake Congress. And because of that the Justice Department needs to “vindicate” the rights of gun-owning Americans, especially in the states where they’re trying to strip away those rights.

In order to get to national reciprocity, we need to have unified Republican control of the government, but the right kind of Republicans, who understand the importance of the Second Amendment. John also speaks with the congressman about Biden’s lack of response to the COVID crisis.

The congressman is sure that we can get through this and mitigate with common sense. Because this is a place where people believe capital can still grow, it will continue to grow, and we will bounce back.


2:00 — It’s difficult dealing with all the flak the government gets.

4:00 — At what point does the “cure” outweigh the virus?

6:00 — Because this is a national security issue, we need to have the best thinking in 

the world here at home in order to devise new solutions.

7:30 — Is there a quiet assault on the Second Amendment?

10:30 — At what point will liberals respect the laws that are in place?

14:30 — There is a lot of virtue-signaling in the anti-gun movement.

17:15 — Getting to national reciprocity.

19:30 — Where is Joe Biden, among his shadow meetings?

21:00 — A presidential response to the covid crisis.

22:45 — How does this play out?

26:00 — It’s not the government’s responsibility to maintain proper hygiene.

Key quotes:

  • “We’re gonna be able to smash the curve down.”
  • “We need to domesticate the smartest thinking in the world.”
  • “In the United States, we have the right to take our own security into our own hands.”
  • “In Washington, there is an anti-gun political industrial complex that doesn’t take days off.”
  • “[Florida] doesn’t have the nickname ‘The Gunshine State’ for nothing.”
  • “You’re never going to see a Federal agent kick down someone’s door and take their guns.”
  • “The next president of the United States is the person who calls this country to that great moment of triumph over this virus.”
  • “We need to be incentivizing the right things…and not eat this bag of Doritos I’m quarantined with.”
  • “Get used to your temperature being taken wherever you go.”


Matt Gaetz is the Congressman for Florida’s First Congressional District.

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