Catalina was born and raised in Chicago, IL, in what she calls a “pretty typical midwestern household” to legal immigrants from Guatemala. She had dabbled in the political world for a time before moving into the private sector; but the announcement of Donald Trump’s presidency in 2016 motivated Catalina to reenter the arena with more vigor and determination than before.

“He was such a disruptor,” Catalina says of the president. “He was what we needed at the time”. Specifically, she foresaw the revitalization of the Republican party through the influence of Donald Trump. It just so happened that Catalina had the opportunity to be appointed during his administration as Special Advisor for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. Catalina’s experience instilled in her a fiery passion to push back against the Far-Left, leading to her decision to run for Congress. Listen in as she shares her perspective on today’s political landscape.