Shot Show 2020

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Shot Show was a great time to catch up with friends and businesses as well as spend some time with many of the brands I love. I also was able to host several great podcasts. Including but not limited to Jason Ouimet the head of NRA-ILA, Amy Robbins owner of Alexo Athletica, Krystal Dunn and Ben Stoeger, Daniel Horner of Sig Sauer as well as Lena Miculek of Sig Sauer.

I viewed may great products during the shower. Non greater than the Sig Sauer Cross rifle. This rifle is a game changer from the top down. It features many of the lightweight bolt action options you look for in a bolt gun and at a price point that is too unbelievable to match. Be sure to check it out at www.SigSauer.com. Chambered in .308, 6.5 and 277 I was amazed at how adaptable this platform is. I believe we are seeing the beginnings of the inexpensive bolt gun for a supreme value.

While sitting down with Lena Miculek and Daniel Horner I was able to hear the story of Sig Sauer through a new set of eyes. Having now interviews all 3 Sig Sauer pro staff members I know the Sig Shooting Team is in good hands. Lena is always exciting to spend some time with, and I wasted no time sharing her interview on iTunes and everywhere podcasts are heard. I was amazed at Daniels technical knowledge and involvement in Sig Sauers development of current and future products.

I took a moment to sit down with Jason Ouimet of NRA-ILA and picked his brain on the recent Virginia gun laws as well as conceal carry and NRA’s current future goals. I know Jason has his team working diligently to get all conversations on the table to fight the anti-gun rhetoric. Jason educated me on the costs and the uphill legal battles that ILA faces on a regular basis. I look forward to your comments on this blockbuster interview with the NRA’s top lobbyist. Will we ever see national reciprocity? Is Virginia dead in the water? Do we have hope to push back any gun laws?

Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica was one of my most intriguing interviews and gave me some tremendous insight into the female gun market. I loved having the opportunity to pick her brain on all things apparel in the female market. Her Fashion background and insight offers her a unique perspective into the design and functionality of female conceal carry apparel. I really enjoyed this interview with Amy Robbins and look forward too many more in the future. Tune in to listen now!

Krystal Dunn and Ben Stoeger was a super fun Shot Show recap. We discussed products and product launches as well as booths we visited during the show. Krystal Dunn and Ben Stoeger are business owners and entrepreneurs with a keen insight into products coming to market.

All podcasts are available everywhere podcasts are heard.