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I have been a fan of many optics companies for a long time and worked closely with many brands. Riton Optics has done a fantastic job growing and strengthening the product and brand year over year. I am also a great fan of Riton Optics CEO and founder Brady Speth and the lifetime warranty he has been able to extend to his customers. Riton Optics has postioned itself as the one of the best optics options for your money.
I have used Axil hearing enhancement for a long time. I have always utilized hearing enhancement products but non that have lived up to the level of Axil. Axil CEO and founder Weston Harris has a long history of innovation in the hearing enhancement space and takes a profound interest in creating the best product for his customers.
221B Tactical is a fabulous law enforcement centric brand that works closely with law enforcement and its former law enforcement owner Suresh Madhaven on developing and bringing the most innovative products to the market. The Max-Dri vest is hands down one of the most innovative products to hit the market for law enforcement in a long time. Check them out online and anywhere your favorite law enforcement accessories are sold.
Kenzies is one of the premier retailers in the optics and laser market. If you are looking for a one stop shop for the best of the best and a one stop shop for all your optics needs check out Kenzies Optics.
BYLT® advanced hydration sports drink is scientifically formulated to improve performance, enhance endurance and muscle recovery, and buffer the lactic acid from training allowing you to train longer and harder. I have enjoyed not only the BYLT product but also its relationship with several of the best athlete’s in fitness and action sports.
Henry Repeating Arms is the leading lever action manufacturer and one of the top-five long gun manufacturers in the USA. Our goal is to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast can afford. The passion, expertise, and dedication of our employees embody the company’s motto, which is “Made in America Or Not Made At All”. Rest assured, when you read the roll-mark on the barrel of a Henry it’s going to say “Made in the USA.”
I was a customer and have worked closely with this brand the last 7 years. I respect not only the care they take with each product but the thought that goes into the development of each blade. Under the leadership of one of the best blade makers in the business Leo Espinoza, Tops has changed the game year over year. If you don’t own a Tops Knife you have not finished your collection.
My oldest relationship and the industry standard on cleaning and caring for your firearms and defense tools. The industry standard on lubricant and preservation Breakthrough Clean is clearly the difference in caring for your most prized possessions.
I have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Crossbreed holsters and its team. One of my longest standing relationships and absolutely love the product. A pride and true American tradition I have shared my love for Crossbreed with so many friends and family that I cannot begin to say how much I love the grantees placed on each product and the overall care they place on the customer experience.

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