NRA Show Impressions

By April 30, 2019March 24th, 2021No Comments

The NRA Annual Meetings and show are by far one of my favorite experiences to participate in each year. I have Ben blessed to attend many of these annual meetings and meet with so many great brands. The opportunity in the Firearms and Defense industries is endless and loaded with diversity. It is amazing to see so many cultures and brands colliding with one common interest.

I have however a fear watching some spokes people and brands create a “fear strategy” that builds its narrative on one big giant half time speech. I think more continued education and a stronger strategy that builds on clear education with folks concerned with awards and glad handing would better serve the culture. My fear is its beginning to degenerate into a “rotary club” like atmosphere that acknowledges and recognizes the wrong things and spends more time and money on steak dinners rather than actual awareness..

Firearms industry marketing along with the NRA marketing is medieval and lacks a focused narrative. With the right direction and leadership it could be such a great organization with so much to give its members. I sometimes see excessive spending and waste and that makes me feel uneasy. Time will tell but I feel as if the defense and firearms industry is a adapting incredibly slow to media changes it should be well ahead of everyone else on. The main reason being is these social media and streaming based platforms are arenas we have been playing in for some time now.

Why are we not ahead of everyone else? Why is it we are not winning? Are we spending to much time on steak dinners and awards? Are we not adapting to the changes fast enough when we have been here so long? Are we outsourcing too much media? I say all of the above. As more people gravitate to youtube and other streaming services. Our growth and voice should be at its strongest. These are areas NRA should know so much about. We loose ground each day as we worry about the wrong things and ask the wrong questions. #lesssteakdinners