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John: Alright, this is perfect. So, alright, we’ll get it rolling right away. Let’s get right into it because I know his times going to get… going to get critical soon. So, we had to reboot this, we had a little bit of technical difficulties, no big deal, but I wanted to get it right. So, I’m going to take it from the top, I want to… I want to dive right in. Nicky, you… you killed it competing in the ADCCs. You did a…

John: Fuck yeah, man.

John: You did a fantastic, job you murdered it. We talked about this a little bit earlier, it was an amazing show and I think you turned a lot of heads, you got a lot of people look and paying attention now. Where did this… let’s start kind of where we started before, where did this come from where this rise kind of… you know, tell everybody how you got you start and how you got rolling.

John: Okay. So, pretty much the beginning of my jujitsu career, man, I… I was working at a place called Landmark Americana, I was just doing like some bouncing on the weekends and stuff. And a couple of bouncers over there, you know, we’re doing some jujitsu just stay in shape and, you know, help… help with beating up these college kids. So, they invited me to a practice one day, man, and, man, just fucking never left, man. I really fell into the right Association, you know? South Jersey Beach J is a… it’s ran by a black belt under Ricardo Armada, and Ricardo Armad’s a Renzo Gracie black belt. So, just fell into a good Association, man, and yeah, I started fucking training every day, got hooked on that shit, man, and I just kept the ball rolling with it.

John: Now, you were a wrestler in high school, correct?

John: Yes, sir.

John: So, you did some wrestling, you did a little wrestling in college you said earlier. So, you start to get hot and heavy into the jujitsu, where did the ADCCs come in and where does all the competing come from?

John: Okay. So, literally like the first day I started jujitsu, my coach, Jay Regalbuto, was like, “Dude, there’s just this this tournament called ADCC. You know, if you win the trials, you can make through tournament and, you know, cash prizes and shit like that.” I didn’t know how valuable that stuff was or really how big it is, because if you’re not like in the world of combat sports, you really just… you kind of, you know, have a blind eye to it. So, yeah, I start training, I did a couple like local tournaments, Grappling Industries, Nagas, stuff like that. I was beating everybody, like any local black belt that was competing. I was in all the advanced and open divisions and it’s kind of summing guys and stuff like that.

 And then after that, Jay Regalbuto helped me out with some… some super fights, so there are a couple of those, and started to gain some momentum like I’m a social media game. So, I was able to, you know, build and brand myself a little bit better. And then come ADCC East Coast trials, I kind of hop in there, end up taking third, and I guess I got a little bit of attention. Flow kind of, you know, came out to me actually a couple questions and just kind of… kind of put my name in their mouth for the first time. And then, you know, I decided to… to make the transition to train at Renzo’s as many days as possible. I think currently, at that… like at that time, I was maybe training like… like 2 to 3 days a week at Renzo’s, it was just… shit, I just couldn’t afford to get there, you know, fucking like 7 days a week. Man. It’s… it’s a 6 hour round trip for me every day so, you know, to gas, tools and food all that shit adds up.

John: Fucking New York.

John: But, yeah, man, after… after that East Coast Trials, I hopped up in there, started training there full-time and fucking, you know, beat everybody’s ass at the West Coast trials man, and here we are, man, couple months later.

John: Obviously, your rise is… is due to everybody saw you kind of… kind of wiped the floor with some guys, particularly Cyborg. So, when you when you beat Cyborg, right, what goes through your head? And I’ll give you a chance to kind of kind of again respond to him, what… you know, his… his interview after. What goes through your head during that match? Because obviously, you’ve beaten other black belts, you’ve subbed other black belts, but this was a guy who had been kind of a landmark in the business for a few years, so what… what goes through your head when that happens?

John: Man, pre-match, you know, I don’t think of anybody’s names or reputations, it really is, you know, in my mind, I’m just going out there to practice, it’s nothing more than that. But afterwards, you know, I let stuff sink in and, you know, do some celebrating and stuff. But, man, I guess right after the match, I kind of just… just realized, you know, this this was a major step in my… stepping stone in my career. And, yeah, this was a big win and it really… I mean, like, you know, he’s a tough guy, but there’s level’s, bro. Like, I’m too athletic, I’m too fast, and not for nothing, you know, he’s not in his prime anymore, so his ability to keep… keep the high pace like the pace that I have is just… it’s just not there, man.

John: So, I want to give you a chance because, you know, there was the end of… the post-fight interview and you responded early and it was a perfect response, I want to see if you can come back with that. I want you to give you a response to Cyborg’s interview after where he said because he didn’t win.

John: Yeah, I mean, he was… felt pretty salty that, you know, I got… I got my hand raised as opposed to him, but his whole argument was like that he got an arm bar. Okay, you went for an arm bar, a failed arm bar attempt in the 20…20-minute match or fucking 10-minute match that we had and that’s the only thing you did, dude. You sat on your… your ass, you pulled guard, you didn’t… you didn’t attack anything. I was constantly trying to past his guard, you know, and then when he stood up, hand fight and, you know, get him down shit like that. But, man, he’s just nothing special. Like, yeah, I know he guy has a huge reputation, but he’s just not that good, bro, and I’m pretty sure I exposed that.

John: Has this time passed?

John: Yeah, I mean, I don’t even think his time was ever there, bro. I’ve seen some of his clips when he was younger and it’s not impressive, man, and, you know, I probably could have beat him fucking before I even started training jujitsu. So, really not that impressed with it, his whole tornado guard or inverted shit obviously doesn’t work, even on blue belts. So, yeah, man, I don’t think his DVDs going to do too well after that.

John: You know, I love the East Coast swagger, I said this to you before. I’m an East Coast guy, I love what you guys are doing right now up at Renzo Gracie, you, Gordon, and the whole crew. They have to be over the moon. You spoke very highly… highly of coach Danaher earlier, what… what do you have to say, you know, after this? Do you feel like you lived up to his expectation, you’re just loving what he’s doing? What makes him different?

John: I don’t think Danaher has like expectations for me per se, I think he just… he just knows and understands that I’m there to win. Like, he expects me to come to practice every day and try my hardest consistently every week, you know? So, I think throughout that becomes… comes victory, you know? But to say that… like, even for myself, like I have high expectations, but, you know, I focus on one thing at a time. I try not to look too far in the future because it’s… it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

John: Oh, of course, I mean, I just love what you guys are doing there, the attitude, the swagger, bringing the attention to the sport. I think that means so much and it’s doing so much for jujitsu and it’s creating a vibe and it’s creating a whole a feeling around jujitsu that it’s cool to watch, it’s fun, it’s competitive. Obviously, trying to sell fights is a huge part of everything else. I said to you earlier and I meant it, selfishly, I want the next step to be UFC because I feel like you’re going to get there and I feel like you’re at… you’re at a highest of highs; but that’s me speaking selfishly. You know, you’re going to get a lot of calls for seminars, we talked about that earlier and different things, where do you see it going from here? Are you going to take your time with these decisions? Are you going to dive right into some stuff? What can people expect from you going forward?

John: I want to… I want to keep competing as much as possible. You know, hopefully the plan is to get as many big names, as many big paychecks as I can before, you know, I make decisions, whether it has to go to MMA or stick with jujitsu or whatever it is I’m going to do in life. But, yeah, make some, money beat some people, and yeah, I’m want to hop… hop into the… hop into the seminar world, you know, do a little bit… a little bit of coaching. But, man, I’m still very inexperienced when it comes to competition so I really have to get as much mat time as I can.

John: Yeah, I mean, as you craft that plan going forward, I think a lot people are going to be anxious to see what you do and what steps you take. And I said to you earlier, focus on your business, focus on getting yourself, you know, aligned to make the most cash you can, because the age-old thing (and Eddie Bravo said it, I didn’t) there’s no money in jujitsu, right? So, you know, at least, you know, it’s hard to make big money. And, you know, I think, you know, what you guys are doing is going to bring more attention to the sport, which will bring more money to the sport, hopefully. Hopefully, you’ll be able to draw in some nice sponsors and get some good paychecks and things like that. Taking your time and going through that process and making the right decisions, not any decisions, because time’s on your side is going to be really important. What do you, you know, predict for a timeline right now? Are you just going to kind of do some seminars and keep doing some competing and then kind of ease into it? Has anybody called yet, is what I’m getting at, Nicky?

John: I have not had any serious life-changing phone calls, but who’s to say, you know, that shit can change on the flip of a dime; so, I’m ready, man. I really don’t know, like my future’s… is uncertain. I have many options and many open doors and, man, I’m going to take as many opportunities that are given to me and play my cards right. And I’m clueless as to where I’m going to end up, but all I know is I’m going to be wealthy and be fucking people up on the way there, man.

John: I like it, brother. What do you say to all the haters? Because they’re going to come out of… the trolls will come out of the woodwork now.

John: Dude, I… I’ve been pleasantly surprised with all the positivity I’ve received. I’m not one to dwell on negative… negative comments and stuff like that, I kind of just throw them throw them right out the window. But to all the haters, man, bring it. I love all the attention, whether that be good or bad, helps grow my name, helps grow the sport, so I’m for it, man. If you guys don’t like me, fuck you guys, and if you’re my fan, I’m here to stay, bro.

John: Yeah, I mean, I love it, brother. I think what you guys are doing up there is just really amazing. We talked about this earlier a little bit about Renzo Gracie and about the gym in New York, and… and you touched on this and you’re super complimentary to all the competitors in there and all the regular guys walk. And I’ve heard in the past (and I wanted you to bring this up again) that there’s dudes that don’t even compete in there that are straight killers, is that true?

John: Killers, bro. I mean, like everyday guys that are… that are dentists or real estate agents, you know, they come they come down they be training for, you know, 15, 20 years. They’re fucking… you know, they’ll step right on the map with you, club you right in the fucking face and take you down. Yes, we have… we have many training partners, every day it’s a fight in there whether… whether Gordon’s there or not, you know what I mean? It’s a battle, bro. We have endless… endless crew of people, like any… at any given day, there’s 30, 40, 50 guys on that mat that just want to take your fucking head off. So, it’s fun, man, it keeps you… keeps you alive, and you got to stay woke out there, bro, because there’s no playing in that blue basement, man.

John: What’s the first thing Gordon said to you after the ADCC?

John: It’s like, “Good job with your fucking loss, bro.” This was… this was the year we could have had more Americans to win ADCC than Brazilians, so they… you know, that was our… our little team goal. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but, man, we’re going to have many more years, many more opportunities, and many more gold medals.

John: It’s… it’s hard… it’s hard being in a gym with some of the best in the world, and Gordon’s considered one of the best, if not the best. But, you know, besides him, taking him out of the equation, because obviously, it’s fun to roll with him every day and get the opportunity to train with him, but what… who else do you have your eye on, who out there do you look at and you say, “You know, I wonder how his game would do against mine,”?

John: No, I mean, like I don’t even study jujitsu like that, bro, like I don’t look at other competitors, like I barely reviewed any tape before at ECC just because I do train with the best, you know? So, I focus on taking this guy out and once… once I’m able to, you know, have some progress with some success with Gordon, then I know everybody else’s game is really irrelevant, man.

John: Well said. There’s… there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to do some great stuff in the fight game and you’re going to be doing some… some stuff very, very soon, whether it’s what you choose UFC or Bellator and I think you’ll… you’ll have your choice. And there’s no question, I think at some point, you’ll end up in the Octagon. You’re as tough as nails, I think you’re going to do awesome stuff. Do you… you have your eye on a weight division yet?

John: Bro, I think I get as big as possible, man. I’d like to hit the 260 range and still be fucking moving as fast as I can, man. I’m like 24… I’m like… I can get up to like 240, you know, I like to be a little bit lighter when I’m competing, like ADCC 8, you know, I cut… cut the fat out a little bit and really focused on nutrition and… and feeling great and feeling healthy. But for fighting, man, I think I would like to get as big as possible. It’s going to be a little bit of a… little bit… little bit difficult just cause, you know, come extra 10, 20 pounds, it takes a lot more oxygen to keep that body running, especially at the pace that I like to keep. But once I’m acclimated man, I’m going to be a fucking force to be reckoned with.

John: How would you describe your game?

John: I’m… my game, man, I’m a grinder, bro. I like to get in there, I like long matches, you know,  but at the same time, I like the short matches. You know, if you give me a 6 or 8 minute match, I can go… I can go 8 minutes balls to a wall non-stop, I’ll be… I’ll be fucking dead, but I won’t quit, you know? 15 minutes, 20 minutes you have to… you have to pace yourself a little bit, you know, make some smart decisions. But I enjoyed all. You know, if it’s a short match, I just… you know, I’ll break them down faster I’ll get be more explosive earlier on the match and keep that momentum going. And if it’s a longer match, you know, I’ll take your fucking head off then I’ll take you down, baby.

John: What would you say your specialty is when you’re going to be teaching seminars and kind of bouncing around?

John: Working on a hand fighting, a lot of jujitsu guys ignore that stuff.

John: Outside singles, I got a great dump series, my SAP downs, the back attacks. I have some sequences that, you know, a lot of guys my weight don’t… can’t do and most of… most of the guys just… just can’t keep up with it, man. So, you know, I want to show everybody my ways and see if you guys can kind of adapt to Nicky Rod’s kind of style and, you know, maybe help some guys down along the way.

John: Who have you followed through the years, you know, in fighting in general that kind of inspired you?

John: Oh, a couple big name seems like, you know, Cormier’s a big fighter I always watch.

John: Sure, yeah.

John: You know, you got to be fan of like the McGregor, the Kabeza’s. Man, a couple other ones like…

John: Some good ones there, yeah.

John: Yeah, bro like… man, I’m drawing blanks right now. But, yeah, just… just fighting in general, man, I’m big fan of it. I’ve always watched it, you know, growing up and stuff like that, especially with wrestling, because as a wrestler, you tend the room for the wrestlers when they’re in a cage. So, it’s good to see how successful in general wrestlers are at fighting, and that definitely boost my confidence, you know, going forward. And, you know, maybe when I finally do hop in the cage, I’ll be definitely be ready, man.

John: Have you started to incorporate the striking yet?

John: Not at all, not at all.

John: Not at all.

John: I’ve just been so focused. You know, I’m on… I really had television, you know, for ADCC. Unfortunately, it didn’t… didn’t work out, didn’t go my way, but yeah, we’ll be back, man.

John: I brought this up earlier to you, you had a great answer, but we talked about the importance of the belts and things like that and you said they weren’t important. What do you… what do you think about, you know, taking a run at being one of the quickest guys to black belt?

John: I mean, that’d be cool. I don’t know if that’s going to… you know, if a helps my reputation, I’m all for it. But, you know, as far as belts are concerned, I really don’t care. I care about metals, I care about paychecks, and I care about, you know, popularity, man, that’s what wins it.

John: Yeah, there’s no doubt. As you build a brand today, it’s well said acknowledging that. As you build a brand today, you have to think about those things, you have to think about pushing yourself out there and to the different spear… sphere’s and the different… different spaces, whether it be YouTube or, you know, all the different areas. Instagram is just 1 tool in the toolbox that you have to have many and you have to be able to transcend. I think it’s… it’s going to be huge for you guys. I think you have the swagger piece down, and being around Gordon and those guys, I think you’ll nail that. And especially having the East Coast flair that you do, I think there’s no doubt you’ll crush it in that department as you kind of begin to formulate your game plan going forward, it’s going to be really fun to watch. What do you like to do besides this stuff?

John: Oh, like hobby-wise, bro, I’m a fucking adrenaline junkie, man. I… I just actually picked up a Harley like a couple weeks ago, so I got my first… first little Harley. But I’ve rode motocross for a long time. I try to stay off the track just because I like to live a long time, but, you know, we’ll fucking… we’ll see, that just pull me back in. So, yeah, motocross, fucking play paintball all the time. Yeah, I just… I like to go fast man. I like 2 wheels, I like… I like it dirty. You know, I’m a little country boy at heart. We got a lot of land… we got a lot of land out here in South Jersey, so I take advantage of it.

John: How long are you going to stay in Jersey? How long before you’re in Vegas?

John: Oh, dude, I don’t know. If… I don’t know. If Dana Whyte calls today, I might have to make a move man.

John: Yeah. I mean, selfishly, I mean, we talked about this earlier, like I said, selfishly, I’d love to see in the UFC. Whether that’s a heavy weight or whatever, but, you know, it’s one of those things, you know, you could dive in right now and probably get a pretty good deal going. Because you’re a finisher, you’re an attacker, and you could probably dive right in and do some damage. You know, it’d be interesting to watch how things play out, because with your work ethic, I think you incorporate some of the striking, the Muay Thai, whatever, you’ll be able to dive right in and have some game and, you know, there’s a lot of, you know, a lot of heat, you know, there. And… and, you know, it’s just going to come down to money and time and you got to make good business decisions. You know, how… how important is it for you to now dial in your business?

John: It’s… it’s extremely important, man. You know, I have a lot of attention coming my way and… and I really am really appreciate of it… really appreciative of it, but yeah, I’m… you know, I’m figuring out my finances and… and stuff like that. Right now, my focus is to move… move closer to New York. You know, I would like to get in, you know, maybe a 20 to 25-minute range of New York City and like 25-minute range from Rutgers University as well, so I’d be practicing in both places. But, yeah, once I move up there, you know, I’ll be able to just focus on other things because I’ll have so much time. You know, I fucking… I’m doing 6 hours a day in the car, that’s just driving, so yeah, it’s very time consuming and it does allow me to focus on many other things. But…

John: Well, I’m sure… I’m sure…

John: … once I get that done, that’ll be good, man.

John: I’m sure they’ll be sponsors in touch that will help defray some of that… some of that cost, I’m sure that’ll be coming. But I mean you… you know, and I said this to you earlier, bro, you know, don’t take it the wrong way, you’re young and… and you got time, you know what I mean? You have time to build this out how you want to build it out. Whether that’s taken some time to focus on, you know, getting your game to where you want it to be in the jujitsu space, and then maybe, you know, starting to slowly increment… incrementally put in the striking and everything else and piece it all together, you know, you have some time on your side.

You know, guys now, you know, you look at like Tom Brady out there, guys are put… staying in the game so to speak a lot longer. We’re seeing, you know, folks like Ben Saunders and Matt Brown competing, you know, still in… and guys will be sticking around well into their 30s. So, you have a lot of time to crawl into the cage and do some stuff. So, I think your jujitsu journey is not done, I think you’ll do, you know, a lot more in that space, but I think, you know, the time… your time will come because you’re a ferocious competitor, and out there, you just took it to everybody. You had an attitude about you that just was a… you know, “I’m not here to lose, I’m here to win.” And where did that originate from? Where’d that come from?

John: It’s that Jersey wrestling, bro. You know, I first hopped on wrestling mats when I was about 12 maybe 13 years old, and I fell in love with the, man. I fell in love with how hard, how difficult it was. You know, I met my first practice, just getting thrown around and getting my ass whooped, and then afterwards, coach is like, “Dude, like you didn’t like him beat-up, right?” I’m like, “Nah, man, it sucked,” he’s like, “Well, if you come back, you know, a couple weeks from now, you’d be doing this dude around,” so, kind I just bought into the process. And, you know, they… they teach over here that work ethic, it goes a long way, you know, you always want to be a hardest worker in the room. And, you know, no matter how… how many… how much, you know, your opponent talks or what he looks like, they can all be broken, men, just within time.

John: I love it. There’s no… there’s no doubt in my mind Jersey comes with a certain attitude. I have a lot of good friends from there, competitors. Guy Cisternino, the bodybuilder’s a close mine. Folks like that, you know, that they all have that same swagger about them. And it’s… you know, it’s one of those things that you just… it’s burned into your soul. It’s… it’s like being from New England, we just win, right?

John: Yeah, yeah.

John: You know, in everything we do. So, you know, I’m looking forward to everything you do. And I mean it, brother, you’re going to conquer so many mountains coming up because you’re just your attitude in your approach. And you learn a lot on the mats, you know, no matter if you’re 50 years old or 20 years old or however old you are, you learn how to lose well, you know, and that’s important. And I think you’re going to keep going forward and keep dialing it in. And just take some time, take stock of it all, you know, it’s an exciting time for you. And I think, you know, you’re going to have people come out of the woodwork supporting you, and I will give you this one piece of advice, who you put in your circle and who you put around you is going to be everything. You know, keep the blinders on, keep pressing forward, keep grinding it out. And it’s… it’s going to be a bit of a grind for a little while because you don’t have to make every decision right now, but I suggest, you know, stay hot stay hungry and, you know, keep moving. 

And just, you know, the motto I live by, Nicky, is, “Expect nothing, blame no one, and do your job,” and that’s just how I live and that’s how I do things. I always kind of try to find my way, you know, through things just not expecting anything from anyone and just not blaming anyone for my problems, you just have to do it. And in the end, you know, who you’re going to put around you is going to be everything, and… and, you know, circle will take on new meaning for you every step of the way. But I’m looking forward to your journey and looking forward to what you… what you have going on and what… what… where it takes you, you know, I’m excited for you. And I think there’ll be a lot of phone calls, I think there’ll be a lot of things coming… coming and go on your way. And I appreciate you taking the time with us to chat, and I know we went through some technical difficulties, but I want to give you a chance, tell everybody where they can find you and where everybody can look you up and what you got going on coming up.

John: Okay. Yeah, my… my main social media account is at Nicky Rod 247, and that’s on Instagram and, yeah, man, you guys could hit me up on there. And my email is 14… nick14247@gmailcom, hit me up. You know, if you guys are interested in working together, we’ll work something out. But yeah, Nicky Rod’s here to stay, man. Many more competitions, many more gold medals, and just keep the progress rolling there.

John: Yeah, no, I think it’s great. Any seminars in the books coming up already, or where will you be next?

John: No seminars yet, but I think my next competition is in Houston, October 13th, and then should be October 18th, I have Duarte again for fight to win in Philly.

John: Oh nice, yeah, that’ll be a good one, yeah, that’ll be awesome. I want to kind of let everybody know that you… if you haven’t checked out the ADCC and seen some of Nicky’s matches, you got to get on YouTube and check some of these out. This guy’s ferocious, you’re going to be stacking… stacking them up for a while. So, it’s super exciting to watch, super exciting to see. You know, Nicky, I want to give you the last word. You know, to everybody out there that thinks they can’t do it or maybe, you know, they’re a white belt or blue belt or whatever or struggle, what advice do you give to a lot of the… the guys, you know, just getting into jujitsu or…? You know, because you give a lot of guys hope, especially the white and blue belt mafia.

John: Yeah. To anybody, you know, that… that wants to have success in the sport, you know, if you really want to be the best in the world, if that is your goal, it’s… it’s not an easy lifestyle, man. You know, I’m not going to… I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be fucking easy. You know, you’re going to bleed, you’re going to have days where you fucking doubt yourself, it’s… you’re not going to want to get up, you’re going to be sore every fucking day. You know, you have to lift, you have to train constantly, you have to eat right. You can’t… you know, it’s hard to have relationships, you know, whether that be have a girlfriend or, you know, stay close… it’s going to be hard to stay close with your family because you’re just really not home, man, you’re training every day, every single fucking day. But to say that I don’t enjoy it would be a lie, man, because I fucking love the process. I can’t wait to get up and go and go… go to practice and get my… get my ass handed to me every day, I look forward to it, you know? I drive on my way on purpose to get beat up. So, if you’re… if you’re… if you really want to be successful, especially in the jujitsu world or the wrestling world, man, make sure… make sure you’re the hardest work in the room, and make sure you find a room where you’re getting your ass handed to you, man, because you need better practice partners so that they’re going to push you, they’re going to break you, help you, you know, get to that threshold.

John: Yeah, no, that’s… that’s absolutely perfectly said. There’s no doubt that there’s going to be times where it’s extremely difficult, and I can attest to that being older and going through it, you know? You know, I think you’re going to… you’re going to be amazing. You did a fantastic job obviously this past weekend. I think once you reassess with your team and figure out what the next steps are, I think a lot of people are going to be excited to see where it goes. You know, I think there’s no doubts you’re going to… you’re going to do some awesome stuff. I’m looking forward to it I was glad we were able to get this… this on and get the audio down… dialed in and have you kind of share your thoughts. Is there anything else you want to share with anybody?

John: No, that’s it. But you what, man? I do want to say, man, I… throughout jujitsu, I kind of realized that the weight class really aren’t… really aren’t an important thing, man, you know, especially when you have guys like Garrett Onan competing. So, you know, especially to the small guys out there, you can take out some big dudes, man; hence Lachlan Giles fucking taking out Ailee. So, keep training, keep aggressive and you guys get there, man, keep at it.

John: Yeah, no, absolutely, you know, never underestimate the little guys with some sound technique, there’s no doubt about it; I can attest to that. But, you know, I love seeing it, man, you got a tremendous motor, you got a great engine, and a good gas tank, you’re going to keep crushing it. I’ll be interested to see how your gas tank is once you hit 260, that’ll be fun. But I think you’re going to… I think you’re going to crush it, bro. And I think everybody should just pay attention, and I think you definitely put the jujitsu world on notice, for sure.

John: Hell yeah, man.

John: Well, I’m going to let you go, I appreciate you taking the time, I can’t thank you enough, and I’ll be in touch. I’ll see you, brother.

John: Talk to you soon, bro, yeah.

John: We’re out.