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Today we are joined by Michael McCormack. Mike comes from a family of police officers and he has been the president of the Toronto Police Association since 2009. He is also the co-founder and vice president of a non-profit organization Humanizing the Badge, whose goal is to form stronger bonds between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.

Aside from all that, Mike runs his own YouTube channel: Mike The Cop. It focuses around a police officer and his experiences as a police officer. Some of the videos involve the rights of individual citizens such as Marinara’s rights and the excuses for not using a warrant. The videos go over a commentary that seeks to educate normal citizens and aspiring police officers to believe in something.

The videos are in HD, and some of the videos are edited by his son and daughter for the channel. There are an overview of certain body cameras from police which would make an interesting commentary. There are vlogs with Mike in the car going over certain police related topics. There are multiple sovereign citizen related videos which gain a lot of views and works with Donut Operator.

In this episode, Mike and I talk about his life’s mission and how he finds ways to inspire and connect with others. Tune in as we also discuss certain issues on gun laws and gun ownership. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike Shares His Journey into the World of Content Curation (1:32)
  • Creating Content to Convey the Right Message (4:16)
  • Mike’s Take on How Others Use Social Media (7:24)
  • The Path Mike Took After Going Viral (10:57)
  • Tackling Different Topics Through Content (16:06)
  • Mike’s Thoughts on Gun Laws (17:30)
  • Making People See the Facts (24:30)
  • Ensuring School Safety (28:00)
  • Is There A Need for School Resource Officers? (31:20)
  • Facing the Negative Light Shed on Law Enforcement (43:24)
  • Cops Going Beyond the Line to Capitalize on their Job (52:20)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Keep up with Mike through his website www.mikethecop.tv. The site can also help you if you’re interested in starting a career in law enforcement.
  • Interested in CBD? Check out Mike’s new venture at cbdops.com to be able to feel your best without risking your career!
  • Connect with Mike:


“The whole goal was simply to help change perceptions of law enforcement, to be more accurate to reality than what people often get.”

“These little bits of complacency are really causing us our freedom. People who are aware of that have to be obviously pretty vocal about it and have those conversations.”

“It becomes nonsensical when you frame the argument in terms of emotion rather than objective facts.”

“But we live in this world of mutual exclusivity. There’s this cognitive dissonance that happens in which everything is tribal and everything has to be pitted against another rather than just taking an honest look objectively and at the cause of something and then addressing that whether it’s simple or not.”

“Police work is something that has to come from the gut. You really have to wanna do it and it’s gotta be a fire in your belly.”

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