Marketing Money Ball

By April 18, 2019March 24th, 2021No Comments

The failure of many brands over the last few years has been a failure to properly connect with its audience. There is a huge failure of many brands to connect with an audience a true audience because marketing many companies are not evolving fast enough. The graph below from 2017 shows not only the rise of social media but the greater rise of streaming services. As people begin to step away from away from cable services and the rise of GenZ continuing to push out Baby Boomers is only going to continue to push the numbers further in favor of marketing on social streaming networks.

The rise of YouTube, Amazon and Netflix will only continue to further push out the remaining conventional media outlets. I don’t think I need to show a graph on the fall of print media but I will show one regarding cable TV. Cable television is continuously collapsing. If companies are smart they are going to begin to get into streaming content via youtube and private channels that allow people to subscribe and continue to click through a never ending brand commercial. Much like the adaptation of RedBull TV and the rise of networks like Roku and Hulu. Brands failing to create a channel now it will be one of the single largest brand mistakes they could make. It can be a tremendous difference maker the same way WWE tv and RedBull tv have capitalized on a captive audience impeded and planted into one large on going brand commercial. This method of marketing will eventually supplant even traditional email marketing in 10 years because the ease of purchasing products will only get easier even while streaming and in stream. Brands are always looking for new ways to get consumers to make a purchase even faster. This will be one of the largest missed opportunities by many brands.

– John Bartolo