Short Summary:

In the second part of this two-part episode, John talks with Donald Trump Jr. about the coronavirus crisis and how it’s affecting, and will affect, Americans.  We hear Donald’s perspective on how his dad, President Trump, has handled the crisis and how the media has responded. John and Donald also comment on the positive things that will come out of this time, such as new innovation and understanding that Trump was right in 2016. To conclude, John asks Donald what position he would run for if he ran for office and if he has a favorite part of going to shows. 

Long Summary: 

Donald Trump Jr. comes back for part two of this episode to talk all about the current coronavirus crisis. John, our host, begins by commenting on how Donald’s father, President Trump, has handled the situation. Donald talks about his dad’s hard work, his reliability within this crisis, and the specific measures he has taken in the midst of the media taking advantage of this situation to criticize President Trump.

Later, Donald discusses the future of the coronavirus situation. He believes that how all of this turns out depends on how disciplined Americans are. He knows this is a hard situation, but we are in control of our destiny here and we do need to stay home, wash hands, and simply be responsible. Donald also compares this crisis with 9/11, looks at similarities and differences, and highlights the importance of having the right person — President Trump — in charge during and after the coronavirus situation.

John and Donald both comment on what America can learn from this crisis. They talk about new innovations, the ability to come up with ideas, advancements in sterilization, and understanding that Trump was right in 2016 when he spoke of the need to bring back American manufacturing, control supply tanks, and control our borders.

To wrap up, John asks Donald what position he would run for if he ran for office. Donald discusses his answer and talks about what it looks like for him to be committed to the 2020 campaign but not formally a part of it. He uses his voice and platform to speak up for what he believes in and will figure out what future involvement looks like for his life and family.


0:42 – John thinks President Trump has done a good job of addressing the nation and Donald gives his own thoughts

5:15 – The media doing what they can to hurt Trump, even during this crisis

7:25 – John and Donald comment on social media during this time 

9:44 – Donald discusses how he sees things playing out with coronavirus and how Americans are guiding their own destiny

12:14 – Donald comments on the run on toilet paper and ammunition

12:58 – The unprecedented nature of coronavirus, how it compares to 9/11, and who we want in charge during this time

19:06 – John calls attention to the innovation and advancements that will come out of this and Donald comments that we will also see that Trump was right in 2016

22:47 – Donald’s difficult position since he participates but isn’t formally a part of the 2020 campaign

24:25 – What position would Donald run for if he ran for office?

28:48 – John comments on the importance of the Secretary of Interior

31:52 – Donald talks about his favorite (and least favorite) part of going to shows 

Key Quotes:

“I’m not asking for special treatment, I just want to be treated the way that everyone else is, but we’re not.”

“I think everybody should have to use their real name on social media or use their business, but it gets verified… no more hiding behind fake accounts.”

“A lot of it depends on how we as Americans react. I get it, it’s not easy.”

“The more disciplined we are, the better the response is going to be… We very much are guiding our own destiny.”

“I want the guy that’s got energy, I want the guy that’s willing to fight and push back. I want him in charge… And when we come out of this, and we will, I want the guy that built the greatest economy America has ever known to be in charge of getting that going again.”

“On a positive note.. the innovation that will come out of this. The ability to come up with ideas, just the advancements in sterilization… I think that’s going to be one of the most amazing things coming out of this.”

“The biggest thing we can learn is… Trump was right in 2016 when he said we have to bring back American manufacturing, we have to control our supply tanks, we have to be able to control our borders.”

“If we don’t reassess our relationship and the dependence that we have on countries like that, we’re morons.”

“I sort of view it as almost a responsibility to make sure to get the other side out and even if that means I’m getting a bunch of arrows thrown at me, I’m willing to take them.”

“I’ll stay involved in some way, shape, or form… I don’t think it’ll be as a candidate, at least not anytime in the near future.”

“I think it’s just more about bringing awareness to the seat because I feel like the secretary of interior position is one of the most underappreciated positions.” 

“They have a D next to their name. They’re democrats so they can get away with so much more.”