John Bartolo Show – Donald Trump Jr. Part 1

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Short Summary:

In this two-part episode of the John Bartolo Show, John talks with Donald Trump Jr. about the 2nd amendment, gun rights, and all thing firearms. They begin by discussing what it was like to grow up in the northeast yet gravitate toward the outdoors and shooting. John and Donald also talk about the need for mentorship and the importance of bringing others along when it comes to shooting and hunting, rather than making things difficult for newcomers. In the second half of the episode, Donald talks about the need to win people over in order for shooting and hunting to survive in the coming years as well as how marketing and social media plays into the industry. 

Long Summary: 

John and Donald both comment on their own experiences of growing up and living in the more liberal northeast and gravitating toward the outdoors and shooting. Donald tells how and when he started enjoying shooting and then discusses the importance of mentoring and bringing other along for hunting and shooting.

They comment on the community’s tendency to bash each other and the need to include others in a supportive way. Donald highlights the importance of winning people over in order for hunting and shooting to survive in the future and how people can best be brought into the community. They also touch on the increasing trend of welcoming female shooters, unlike previously when shooting was seen as a “guys only” thing.

Towards the end of the episode, John and Donald talk marketing and the unfortunate fact that the industry is about 10 years behind when it comes to taking advantage of streaming and other important tools. Social media comes into the picture as well, but appearance isn’t everything. Products should be designed by guys who have experience and can produce items that are functional for the hunter, not just cool-looking. John also comments on the need to put voices of real people behind marketing so that people get to know the quality people that make up the industry.


1:01 – Growing up in the northeast and gravitating toward the outdoors and shooting

3:25 – When Donald really started enjoying shooting and woodsmanship 

6:13 – Donald talks about mentoring and bringing others along 

9:24 – The community’s struggle to bring others in and not eat its own

14:36 – People bashing each other in this business 

18:08 – Family-run FFLs trying to stay open

20:35 – Donald talks about winning people over to survive in the future

22:45 – The extremes and the loudest voices on each side 

23:19 – Marketing and how the industry is about 10 years behind

26:34 – Inventory management and the shift from advertising to social media 

30:20 – Can you get away with not having a big social media presence or do you need it?

32:25 – The need to put yourself out there 

35:31 – John comments on marketing evolution and the need to put a voice behind things

37:42 – John asks “Where is the NRA in all of this?”

Key Quotes:

“The reality is we all have to be mentors, whether it’s hunting, whether it’s fishing, whether it’s shooting… take a kid, bring a friend, get a woman into the game.”

“I don’t care how you get there: welcome them!”

“As a guy from a business that doesn’t have anything to do with firearms and someone who’s from a more liberal place… it hasn’t’ exactly been easy for me to be a vocal proponent of the 2nd amendment or shooting, certainly not of hunting. I’ve taken a lot of heat and probably lost quite a bit of business and opportunities for myself because of it.”

“It’s the 2nd amendment for a reason. It wasn’t like some sort of distant afterthought 500 years later. It was the second thing after freedom of speech and religion that our founding fathers came up with.”

“We should be welcoming, we should be accepting, frankly we should spend more time on those who are new to the game because it’s not the easiest thing to get into.”

“If we want to survive into the future, you’ve got to win over people.”

“The skill set of today’s competitive shooters are just going through the roof with stuff that’s exciting. They’re welcoming females which is awesome.”

“You can’t design a product by what looks cool but may not be functional to the hunter.”

“I feel and have felt for a long time, Donnie, in our industry we make it too much about the gun.”

“One of the biggest failures in our sport and in our ecosystem is we don’t put a voice and context behind everything.”

“We have to put a voice behind the great shooters out there, the great voices out there.”

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