Coach Casey Halstead , Coach Eddie Barraco and Danielle Kelly

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There have been so many great stories in the last few weeks but it was fantastic having Coach Casey from 10th Planet Las Vegas. Coach Casey has such a right JiuJitsu history. Casey Halstead is a professional Mixed Martial Arts trainer with over eight years of coaching experience. Originally a mixed martial artist with a boxing foundation, Casey took his Eddie Bravo Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, striking, and wrestling, skills onto the teaching platform. He is the owner and head coach of 10th Planet Las Vegas, 10th Planet Costa Mesa, 10th Planet Buena Park, and 10th Planet Orange, while still training under 7th Degree Red and Black Belt Jean Jacques Machado and 10th Planet’s founder Eddie Bravo. In addition to the series of the four 10th Planets, he was the head Jiu Jitsu instructor at Mark Munoz’s Reign Training Center. Casey actively works with some of the most experienced and well respected MMA fighters in the world. He is seen coaching and working alongside Ultimate Fighter season 13 Winner Tony Ferguson, UFC veteran Mark Munoz, Cain Carrizosa, Diego Rivas, Ashlee Evans-Smith, Carla Esparza and Anthony Birchak.

Casey was also a guest instructor on The Ultimate Fighter Latin America for team Werdum, the interim UFC heavyweight champion of the world, and again for team Gastelum, the number 10 ranked welterweight UFC fighter. Along with his close affiliation with the UFC, Bellator, and several other organizations, Casey is the co-founder of the popular Jiu Jitsu clothing brand “Newaza Apparel,” a unique, creative line of colorful attire that is seen all around the world. Casey is also the Event Coordinator and Match Maker for Eddie Bravo Invitational, in this role Casey gets to work closely with Eddie Bravo and Victor Davila as well as some of the greatest talent in Jiu Jitsu.

Casey Halstead takes pride in developing homegrown MMA talents from day one, as he works closely with everyone, from students with no Martial Arts experience, to athletes at the peak of their careers. On top of being a master of his craft, Casey’s style of pushing the limits has built a strong reputation, which has been proven repeatedly, bringing fighters from all around the globe to train under him for their fight camps. He lives a life devoted to inspiring and aspiring athletes to live a healthy mental and physical lifestyle and pursue higher personal and professional goals in their lives.

Coach was an amazing guest showcasing his philosophy and approach to life, family and all things training.

Coach Eddie Barraco

Coach was another great guest leading into UFC245 & UFC246 having coached and worked closely with so many athletes including Ben Saunders and Joe Benavidez. A former Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai competitor, Eddie has competed at both the professional and amateur levels. Eddie has coached striking sports for over a decade, planned training camps, cornered fighters in the UFC, WEC, and worked with professional athletes in the NBA & MLB. Season 24 striking coach for Team Benavidez and season 25 for Team Garbrandt on The Ultimate Fighter.

Coach is an avid self defense advocate and a great resource to all the fighters and athlete’s. What an amazing podcast and chat with one of the premiere striking coaches in Las Vegas.

Danielle Kelly

Fresh off her win at Quintet over Cynthia Calvillo, Danielle is an amazing competitor and has a fantastic story. After loosing both her parents Danielle buried herself in JiuJitsu and training. She trains out of Silver Fox BJJ in Saddie Brook, New Jersey and has a rich history in wrestling and grappling. As a purple belt Danielle has not turned down a single match and stepped up to face every competitor. This no doubt has contributed to her meteoric rise in the competitive jiujitsu scene. I look forward to what the future holds for Danielle and where her competition schedule takes her. Look for Danielle to have a big 2020 and her podcasts begins to provide insight into what future UFC competitors she has her eye on.