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In a recent episode we look at success and people’s definitions of success. How those definitions shape our day to day life and bring us to the place we are at in life. It is never easy accepting people’s definitions of success and what defines them. This causes many people to hate or comment or feel the need to “act out”. I feel many of the problems causing so much discord is the failure to accept other peoples life plan or path to success.

I think it is important to understand your own definition of success and traveling through your own success journey before even attempting to understand anyone else’s. Treat others success plan with he same amount of respect that you want your success plan treated. Develop your own success mastery before trying to understand someone else’s.

I have spent many years trying to understand other peoples success plan and realized I hadn’t understood my own yet. I feel much of the hate in social media stems from a failure to understand that your path is not my path. Watch my recent episode on success and hear my key success points and how to stay motivated. Remember to remove all negativity from your success path.